Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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We wanted to share with all you Vavoom-ers a letter we received from a client we just shot with last month. She wrote Heather (owner and photographer of Vavoom) an email about what the shoot had done for her and we wanted to share that with you all. We love you Elizabeth, you are gorgeous inside and out!

--- we got her permission to publish the letter she wrote us below.... it brought tears to our EYES! ---- 


"Morning Heather!

I don’t think I will ever be able to explain to you how grateful I am for what you did for me yesterday, so I will try to make this short and to the point!

When I walked out of your studio yesterday, I left behind 43 years of baggage. I told you on the phone before we met that my biggest fear was that I would not be able to look at my pictures and think I looked good. I didn’t look good, I looked simply beautiful!! I am being 100% honest, last night was the first time I ever looked at a picture of myself and thought I was truly beautiful.

For a brief moment, part of me was a little sad as I thought about all the years and all the energy I have wasted beating myself up over how I look. But then I was filled with a sudden rush of excitement as I walked out your door with an entirely new sense of self-confidence and pure happiness.

I am pretty sure you realize this already, but what you do is extremely special. Each woman that enters your studio enters it for a different personal reason, which means you have positively contributed to hundreds of women’s lives. In the grand scheme of things, life is such a short journey and you give women the strength and courage to go out there and kick some ass!! It’s not your amazing photographs that does this, it’s your true sincerity and genuine belief in each of us. Right there is what makes you and your photographs so special.

I tear up just thinking about how beautiful I look….I think it will be a while before I can look at my pictures without crying…crying in a good way!!!

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time our paths cross, but until they do, please know how very thankful I am.

Enjoy your little Olive and don’t every stop doing what you love to do!"

After Elizabeth's letter we wanted her to be featured on our blog on our website and this is her follow up:

What happened in the days and weeks following your shoot?
"It's only been a few days, but each day since the shoot, I have woken up with way more confidence. I feel like flaunting myself to the world and love it! I no longer have my low-self esteem bags to carry around and it has been liberating."
Do you think Vavoom changed you somehow? If so, how?
"My email to Heather really covers this as well, but Vavoom has definitely already changed my life.  Before the shoot, I spent way too much time giving a shit what others might think of me, of how I looked. I held on and obsessed over every negative comment ever said about me or to me and in turn, let every positive comment about myself go in one ear and out the other, never giving it a second thought. 
I'm done with that nonsense. I now stop at mirrors and smile, something we should all do more often. I feel taller and brighter, I no longer feel like I want to hide in the shadows. I am beautiful and I actually believe that now."


Tuesday, June 20, 2017
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Check out Red's experience at Vavoom! She was a first time Vavoom-er but she totally let her inner kitten shine through in all her photos. ;)
How would you describe your Vavoom experience?
It was so much more! The ladies immediately put me at ease, and I felt so pampered. In regards to the photo shoot itself, Heather was amazing! We talked about my ideas, she shared her ideas, and we went for it. She incorporated my prop in such a cute way. It was such a fun, sexy time!
After the shoot......
I felt happier, more confident, smiling more. I loved sharing my proofs with my girlfriends, and they were so impressed. I had to enlist their help to choose the best ones because there were so many great shots to choose from!
Do you think Vavoom changed you somehow? If so how?
Yes, it did. I carry that confidence from the shoot with me. It really made me feel amazing.
Tuesday, June 06, 2017
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Meet Danielle, she is a Vavoom Vet and has shot with us a total of three times! Read about her Vavoom experiences below! We love you Danielle!
This was my third time shooting at Vavoom. This time was different from the last, I was doing a calendar shoot, and it was everything I expected and more. I was nervous going into it because of the 13 shots, I had ideas for two. Heather makes everything so seamless and with her help I was able to pull off an amazing calendar.
The day after my shoot, life went back to normal, back to the grind of work and daily routines. A few weeks after my shoot, I competed in one of my first Crossfit Competitions and placed in the top 10!
Vavoom has changed me. After three shoots I know that, any time you are doubting who you are or feel like you can’t accomplish anything, shoot at Vavoom. Leaving the studio you can take on the world. My first shoot I did, I remember being so nervous, it was in the old studio, I had never done anything like it before and when I left there, I left with a mentality of eat your heart our Betty Draper. I had the confidence to conquer the world. My second shoot was shortly after my brother had passed away. My life was rocky, I was unstable. I did the shoot with my cousin and I remember wanting to reschedule because nothing mattered. In my mind, happiness was lost, love was lost, and life was just passing by. The morning of the shoot came, I sucked it up, faked a smile and drove to the City. We snapped a few shots and Heather took me back to look at the photos, and in one of them there was a random cherry. I didn’t shoot with cherries, but for some reason there was a cherry in my photo. I laughed because that cherry was the little piece of my brother. He was always cracking jokes, doing things out of the ordinary, anything to get you to crack a smile. That was what I needed. I needed to see that to remind me that life isn’t always going to be easy, but it has to go on. That reminder that the world does not end because of tragedy, but you have to remember to stop and laugh often and love always. I had to remember to live my life with a purpose, because he would not want it any other way. Which is always easier said than done, but sometimes we just need those little reminders and I was given that reminder that day. This past shoot was about 4 years after my previous one. This time it was different, my life was different, I was finally in a stable happy place, and I was doing this for not only myself but for someone who means the world to me. The one who has helped me find happiness and love again. And once again I left Vavoom with everything I needed to take on life!
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
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Meet Emily! She came in to Vavoom not knowing what to expect and she left her shoot feeling empowered and feeling amazing. Read about her Vavoom experience below! 

Was your experience at Vavoom what you expected?

To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect at Vavoom, but from the time we stepped into the studio the experience was amazing! I have never felt so beautiful and comfortable with the staff and surroundings. Usually I’m the one that hides in the back of pictures and isn’t the first to post a selfie, so I was a little nervous about being the center of attention. But the hair, make up, and photographer made me feel so comfortable, I enjoyed every minute of it! I didn’t expect to feel so empowered after the shoot was over! I wanted to share my pictures with everyone, and as a plus sized fairly tattooed woman that’s very rare for me! I felt totally comfortable putting on a corset and strutting my stuff for the camera even with other people around.

What happened in the days and weeks after your shoot?

I told EVERYONE about Vavoom and the experience. I talked about how empowering it was, how beautiful I felt and how I knew I had never looked better. I found myself having SO much more confidence in my body and in myself. I can’t wait to put together a book for my fiancé and for myself - I know I will want to look back at the pictures too!

Do you think Vavoom changed you somehow? If so how?

Absolutely! I try to be body positive, but in this day in age, as a plus size woman, it can be hard. This photo shoot and experience has given me so much self-confidence and has made me feel so beautiful I can’t even explain. It has changed the way I look at myself and my body. I felt like I was able to be myself and that was perfect. I don’t have full model like hair, I have a curvy body and I don’t need touch ups to make myself skinnier or with fuller hair - I feel beautiful just the way I am!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
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Check out this weeks Vavoom Client of the Week, Charlie! She recently got married and above is her on her honeymoon in New Zealand with her hubby! She came in for a shoot before her wedding and you can read about her Vavoom experience below:

“I honestly didn’t know much of what I was getting myself in to when I made my appointment, but my experience at Vavoom was better than I expected! Everyone was professional, kind, considerate, and really talented. I didn’t know much of what I wanted going into my shoot, but that ended up being a non-issue. The ladies that helped me figured it all out and I just made final decisions. It was great, positive, and empowering.

I think I was reminded of the power of my femininity. I think we as modern successful, go get ‘em women are all too often chastised and encouraged to cover up our femininity. I came out of my shoot knowing that just isn’t true. I was reaffirmed in my belief that I can be girlie and smart and sexy and kind all at the same time.”